A beautiful, super-fast, feature rich SMS & MMS app.

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Love Customizing!
Love the customization options!
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Key Features



180+ Google Material Design theme colors.

Customize theme colors, screen color, bubble color and even the app icon color.

You can even select which bubble style, emoji style, text style and font size you like the best.

Go on express yourself!


It's super convenient to be able to schedule a message to send later.

Maybe it's a birthday GIF, or a message to yourself as a reminder to do something.

Or maybe you are up late, and you don't want to wake the person you are texting.


Groan... seeing a friends reactions appearing as words instead of a reaction emoji.

Well not in Textra! You'll see the reaction emoji shown as it’s supposed to be, right on top of the message bubble.

It's also super easy to send reactions. Works with all your iPhone and Android friends.
Delayed SendDelayed Send

Delayed Send

Ever furiously typed a message and then badly regretted sending it so quickly?

We hear you! In Textra you can set a send delay interval of 1 to 10 seconds during which you can stop the message being sent.

Phew. Crisis averted!
Voice MemosVoices Memos

Voice Memos

Ever been under the pump and need to send a message quickly?

Rather than type a long message, or perhaps just for a more personal touch, why not send a Voice Memo instead.

So convenient!
Copy TextCopy Text

Copy Text

Tap a message bubble, tap copy, then select any part of the message you wish to copy. Pretty neat!

No other messaging app on Google Play can do this.


Ignore and hide messages from contacts you no longer want to hear from.

Great for your mental health.
Super Fast


Super-fast even with millions of messages!

Textra uses its own optimized database so it's always super-fast and stays fast no matter how many messages you send & receive.
Simple. Beautiful. Fast.
Pixel Phone Surround

Customize anything and everything

180+ material design theme, bubble & app icon colors. Light, dark, black, night & android screen modes.

Multiple bubble styles, text sizes & font options.

Customize your preferred theme & bubble colors, signatures, and notifications (icon shape, ringtone, privacy, reminders, and muting) per conversation as well.

Plus all the latest Android, Twitter, JoyPixel & iOS style emojis including diversity (skin tone).

Go on express yourself!

Recent Reviews

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I've tried heaps of other SMS apps over the years & keep coming back to Textra. It's so great to have a developer that constantly improves functionality & quality.

Team Member

I love it! It's fun and colorful. Works great, no issues. I also have over half a million messages and Textra doesn't miss a beat, fast as.

Team Member

Clean UI, fast, customizable, it's never caused me a single problem. Love it!

Great support if you have a question as well.

Team Member

Stunning looking messaging app! Great customisation options, intuitive to use and flawless so far.

Love the scheduling feature as well.


Simple Pricing

One-time fee. No strings. No ads.

Upgrade to Pro

After an ad free 14-day trial upgrade to pro via Textra Settings > Manage Ads > Upgrade to Pro
One-time fee. No strings. No ads.

Frequently asked questions

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I have a suggestion or issue; how do I contact you?